Introduction - Express Your Faith, Grief, Reconciliation and Love

Someone you love has died. The void is painful, the finality heart wrenching. You move through weeks, months, even years feeling alone, tired and scared. There are times of falling back…times of gaining ground. And, the journey is uniquely yours.

The Archdiocese of Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries recognizes the need to support the various physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our community of mourners as they progress through their Journey of Grief. This support includes our Memorialization Program, which can be an avenue to express your faith, grief, reconciliation and love. Personalized products of remembrance such as markers and monuments, flower vases, eternal lights, photo ceramics, granite, bronze emblems, trees and benches can say so much in loving memory and lasting tribute about a beloved who has died.

Our specially-trained Family Service Advisors will provide grief support while guiding you toward memorialization decisions that respectfully reflect your loved one and your feelings. That memorialization chosen becomes much more than a decoration — it becomes a meaningful and unique symbol that bonds you and your loved one.


Markers & Monuments

Overview - More than a decoration...

Sacrifice, hardship, heritage, dedication, commitment, love and faith — the individual markers and monuments throughout the cemeteries are statements of faith crafted in granite or bronze.

Statements in Granite
and Bronze…

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Marker and
Monument Purchases…

Because they are composed of a natural rock, no two granite grave memorials will ever be identical. A granite marker or monument can be as unique as your loved one. Granite is taken from quarries throughout the world. The expertly crafted product has a natural quality, even in its completed state.

Bronze grave memorials are composed of an alloy of copper and tin with traces of other metals sometimes added. Bronze is almost immune to decay. Each marker is unique, and is handcrafted by skilled artisans who work and turn the cast, hard metal into personalized tributes in bronze.


The Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of Edmonton can provide comprehensive, professional assistance in designing, ordering and placing a memorial at a gravesite. We can advise on design, material, color and wording that will best express the life of and the love for a loved one…a remembrance of the past and a memorial for the future.



Families wishing to purchase a marker or upright monument are invited to call our office to set up an appointment to discuss, choose and order their memorial.

Both Flat and upright memorials take 6 - 8 weeks for manufacture and delivery. Memorialization ordered over the winter season will be installed early spring of the following year.

For more information, to set up an appointment to discuss and/or order a marker contact our Family Services Office: 780 447-2921.

Whether bronze or granite, a marker or monument celebrates life!

It proclaims your love and informs the world that a valuable life has been lived, while providing future generations a permanent record of a family's heritage.
We believe a fitting tribute ought to mark every burial place.

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Marker and Monument Purchases

Families wishing to purchase a marker or upright monument are invited to call our office to set up an appointment to discuss, choose and order their memorial...