Pre-Arranged Service
Thinking about your own funeral leaves most people feeling a little uneasy, but more adults are finding that planning their own funeral arrangements offers great emotional and even financial security for them and their families.

Death inevitably brings with it feelings of loss and sadness for family and friends. During this time of grief, unexpected pressures can often result in hasty decisions which may be contrary to the faith and wishes of the deceased. With pre-planning, families find comfort in knowing that the funeral reflects what their loved one wanted and gives them peace of mind at a stressful time.


In the Funeral Liturgy, these words are often prayed: “Lord for your faithful people life is changed, not ended.” It is in this light, the light of faith that we look at funeral and burial plans. To consider these decisions is an act of hope that the promise made to us by the Lord in Baptism will be fulfilled. By prearranging these very important decisions you are assured that your wishes for a Catholic funeral mass and Catholic burial will be known.

The Catholic funeral provides courage and comfort for those mourning the death of a loved one. The Mass of Christian Burial especially expresses our faith in Jesus’ victory over death and our personal share in the resurrection. It does so through prayers and blessings, through scripture readings and song, through rituals and symbols. The more a family actively plans the ceremony, the more they are able to participate in the ceremony itself and the deeper will be the consolation and strength they experience.

Speak to your pastor to discuss your celebration and ask him to recommend a Catholic funeral Home in your area.



It is only natural that those who share the same faith in life wish to carry on that sense of community in death. Therefore, the final expression of our faith as Catholics is the blessed and sacred burial in a Catholic cemetery. A Catholic cemetery is also a visible sign of our belief in the resurrection, which demonstrates the unity of the living and the dead. Within this sacred environment, the love of Christ is manifested for all to see.

For various reasons it is not always possible to be buried in a Catholic cemetery. In these cases the Catholic Funeral Ritual allows for the blessing of the grave no matter its location. 

Pre-arranged Services

Benefits of Pre-Planning

There are a number of benefits to pre-planning your burial arrangements.

  • You and your family will have peace of mind knowing that your funeral wishes are met. To pre-arrange is an act of kindness to those we love.
  • Pre-planning will greatly relieve your family of the emotional burden of making stressful decisions at the time of death.
  • Pre-planning will relieve your family of the financial burden associated with making arrangements when a death occurs. Pre-planning is a vital part of estate planning. It allows you to make informed decisions concerning your burial decisions and memorialization options.
  • It allows a family to work within a budget that they can afford today.
  • Pre-planning provides direction to the executor of your estate.
  • Secures a final resting place in consecrated grounds.

Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries provide caring and knowledgeable family advisors to help you make the decisions best suited to your needs.

For information regarding:

  • Rite of Christian Burial
  • Catholics and cremation
  • Prearranging funeral or burial plans
  • Catholic cemetery locations

Contact the Family Services Office at 780-447-2921.

Download our Estate Planning Guide for Catholics (PDF, 36 Pages)

In addition, Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries make group presentations to provide free information about pre-planning your cemetery arrangements within the guidelines of your faith. Please contact us for further information.

The Archdiocese of Edmonton made a conscious decision to employ salaried Family Advisors in order to ensure that we maintain a “Ministry” approach.

Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries provides Family Advisors to help you make decisions best suited to your family’s needs. Prearranging these matters relieves your family of the burden of making such decisions during an emotional time.