About Us

Your Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries, owned and operated by the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton on behalf of the parishes, give witness to a faithful community of Christ’s disciples the deceased, the living, even those yet-to-be-born of all walks and stations in life.

Your Catholic Cemeteries are holy places for prayer, for memory, for service, for renewed purpose.

We are committed to your family, those deceased and those living. We invite you to come for a visit…to laugh, to cry, to remember, to tell the stories, to smile and to love.

LIFE is remembered,
LOVE is deepened, HOPE is rekindled,
FAITH is awakened, FAITH is renewed and
FAITH is strengthened.

 We acknowledge that the Catholic cemetery is established to carry out the sacred religious function of the burial and care for the resting places of the deceased.

We accept the responsibility of implementing this religious function under the direction and supervision of the local Church authority.

We believe in and are firmly committed to the teachings and rich tradition of the Catholic Church with regard to the deceased and the sacredness of the cemeteries in which their bodies rest.

We recognize the deep religious significance of the Corporal Work of Mercy involved in the burial of the dead and reverence for the deceased.

We are dedicated to the respectful care of the people of God who even in death remain a part of the whole Christian community.

We are committed to encouraging Catholic prayer and devotion for our deceased brothers and sisters especially in our cemeteries.

We will promote efforts to strengthen and enhance Catholic teachings that relate to death , burial and reverence for the faithful departed.

We will proclaim through our words, work and example the sacredness of the human body, the belief in the Resurrection and the Christian virtue of hope.

Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries provide at-time-of-need services, burial, entombment, inurnment, memorialization, and pre-arranged services for future burials to anyone, regardless of religious affiliation.