Burial Options

Casket (in ground)

Graves are generally of two types, either permitting a lawn level (flat) marker, or permitting a raised (upright) monument. All cemeteries are “zoned” for aesthetic, operational and maintenance reasons. Lawn level marker graves are the most commonly selected graves. Monument type graves are more expensive since they require more space. Future care of all graves is included in the purchase price.

Mausoleum (above ground)

Crypts are available for above ground burial only in exterior settings. All interior spaces are now fully reserved or full, except when returns occur.

The first mausoleum was built in 353 BC for King Mausolus, from whose name the word “mausoleum” was derived. Scripture tells us, that Joseph of Arimathea “went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus. He then took it down, wrapped it in a shroud and put him in a tomb which was hewn in stone in which no one had yet been laid” (Luke 23:52-54).

Throughout the Church’s history, mausoleum-style entombment has been utilized. Early Christians were buried in the catacombs. In older churchyard cemeteries private mausoleums can be found, but because of their costs they were available only to the affluent.

Cremation (Urn)

In 1963 the Catholic Church eliminated its prohibition against cremation. Cremation represents a means of disposition preferred by many Catholics. It is important to remember that cremated remains are still the body of the deceased, just in a different form. For this reason they should be treated with the same respect as the full body of the departed. Honoring and respecting the deceased by keeping their remains safe, undisturbed and in a place where family members can visit to pay their respects generations later represents a critical factor for most families.

Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries provides many options for the burial and memorialization of cremated remains:

  • In ground burial in cremation gardens. This option provides for the cremated remains to be placed in a protective and commemorative urn and buried with the same ritual as a traditional burial.
  • Outdoor and Indoor Marble or Granite niches are available for those who prefer placement above the ground. These beautiful niches provide attractive, protected spaces with memorialization.
  • Glass Front Niches available in the Mausoleums to allow for a personal touch. Many choose to place a photo or other personal items in the niche with the urn.
  • Cremated remains may also be placed in an existing family grave or crypt when space and burial rights allow.