In the Event of a Death

Over the years, especially as society has become more secularized, different practices have emerged which sometimes obscure or even take the place of the Christian perspective on death.

For this reason it is necessary to have certain guidelines, which preserve and emphasize the Christian character of the funeral rites, and thus serve to give real consolation and hope to our people when a loved one dies.

It is very helpful for family members to:

  • meet with their parish priest as soon as possible after the death of their loved one in order to plan the funeral celebration in accordance with Archdiocesan policy. The priest is ready to meet and support the family by offering the consolation that comes from faith and expressing the care and concern of the entire parish community.
  • contact their choice of funeral home.
  • contact our cemetery office.

Please download our free guide booklet: Guide for Planning Catholic Funerals.pdf