Our Lady of Peace Cemetery and Columbarium

4814 Meridian Street,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


This most recent addition to the Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries was established in 1992 by Archbishop Joseph MacNeil. Located in Edmonton’s south-eastern corner, at Highway 14 and Whitemud Freeway, this cemetery will, in time, become the largest of the diocesan properties. At present, 18 of the total of 60 acres have been developed.

Our Lady of Peace Cemetery features a central lake, shrine areas accented by a statue and other landscaping features, and several columbariums for above-ground cremation inurnment.

In 2001 a full-service funeral home was built on-site by Connelly McKinley, Edmonton’s oldest family-operated funeral service to serve the needs of South East Edmonton, Sherwood Park and surrounding areas. Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries is pleased to announce the opening of its newest niche facility at Our Lady of Peace cemetery.

The building is designed to hold cremated remains. It features many different types and sizes of cremation niches to meet the needs of every family.

Granite as well as glass fronted niches provide a range of sizes that allow single, double, and family inurnments, all in the comfort and beauty of this serene facility. This attractive setting encourages daily visiting. Extended hours and weekend and holiday visiting are possible through a convenient card access system.

Facilities and Available Inventory

Envisioned as a full service facility to serve the large Catholic population in the Sherwood Park and Millwoods areas, this eighteen acre cemetery currently offers both flush memorial areas and facilities for upright monuments in freedom of choice sections. Its most striking feature is the beautiful lake and fountain and its stone creek beds. At the entrance of the cemetery is a bronze statue of Our Lady of Peace for whom the cemetery is named.

Included in the initial development phase is a columbarium for the above-ground inurnment of cremated remains, forming the base of the statue of Our Lady of Peace. In this cemetery there are also facilities for the ground burial of cremated remains and a special section for infant and Veteran burials.

Available Options

Casket and cremation ground burial, flat or traditional upright memorialization; above-ground columbariums for cremation inurnment; Field of Honour for veterans of Canada’s Armed Forces. lawn level crypts

There are family garden vaults available for above ground casket interment with surrounding areas dedicated to future family cremation burials. Memorialization in bronze on the granite front and sides of the garden vault is featured.

Inside cremation interment in closed granite or glass niches, in all sizes is available in the new Columbarium facility.