St. Joachim Cemetery

105 Avenue at 117 Street,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Established in 1888 on land donated by the Groat family, this cemetery initially served the downtown community of St. Joachim Parish, the Catholic parish originally centered in the old Fort Edmonton. The cemetery contains a variety of historic monuments; walking through its many rows of memorials, one can begin to appreciate the history of the Catholic presence in central Alberta.

A large central cross marks the burial crypt of Archbishop Henry Joseph O’Leary (d. 1938).

Facilities and Available Inventory

St. Joachim contains a very limited mixture of flush memorial and monument lots for full burials as well as ground space for the inurnment of cremated remains. Currently available burial spaces are:

  • Families who own multiple space lots with unused graves continue to bury their beloved deceased in St. Joachim. Early consultation with the Archdiocesan Cemeteries Office enables families to determine the status of these family plots.
  • St. Joachim established a Field of Honor for veterans who have served their country. The graves are memorialized with flat granite markers as chosen by DVA.
  • There are several areas for the ground inurnment of cremated remains; space is available with flush memorialization privileges in all of these sections.
  • A section of St. Joachim is set aside for infants, there are available spaces in this area. Only flush memorials are permitted in this section..

Available Options

Casket and cremation ground burial, flat or traditional upright memorialization; Field of Honour for Veterans of Canada’s Armed Forces; single depth casket burial and infant ground burial in the children’s area around a central angel shrine.