Policies and Procedures

The Archdiocese of Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries are committed to providing a collaborative and ethical work environment in which individuals of all faiths, cultures and circumstances are treated with respect and dignity.

Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries is proud to offer a professional atmosphere which is free of discrimination with policies consistent with the teachings and values of the Catholic Church and staff attentive to your needs.

Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries ensures our policies; procedures and practices are in compliance with the Province of Alberta Cemeteries Act and Provincial Safety and Labour Regulations.

Edmonton Catholic Cemetery Privacy Policy

Showing respect for privacy is a simple consideration of the relationship between customer and organization. Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries’ privacy policy strives to balance an individual’s right to privacy of personal information with the need to collect, use or disclose this information to carry out the Cemeteries legitimate business purposes.

Information is gathered by Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries to help families identify their needs, make the right decisions, and to offer and carry out the services they require. This information is gathered at different times, depending on the circumstance of the customer at the time of contact – pre-planning situations, time of death situations, and follow-up services after the initial contact with the Cemeteries.

The customer signature on an invoice gives consent to Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries to use their disclosed information to carry out the services requested by the Customer. Sharing of information will be implied consent through this signature, to work with other groups to give the Customer the required service.

Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries is responsible for the protection of collected personal information and the careful handling of information at all times, within the organization and in dealing with third parties. Information about those buried in the Catholic Cemeteries – verification of their place of burial, and/or date of burial is considered a service to family, friends or genealogical searchers.

Because of the nature of Cemetery records, family and/or personal information is collected first hand and is retained indefinitely. We rely on customers to help us keep our records up to date, accurate and as complete as possible.

Will the current cemetery policy always be in place?

Old, even ancient traditions, have established many of the policies and procedures that exist today. As society and church life changes, new customs will arise to shape our policy in the future. These new policies, however, will be created with the utmost consideration for our Christian roots and will always maintain the integrity of our Catholic burial traditions.

Why wasn’t I informed of a policy change?

Our historical databases are not updated to reflect generations beyond the original owners of burial rights. Contacting all owners, heirs of burial rights and other interested parties is, therefore not possible.

Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries makes significant effort to communicate policy changes with those associated with our Cemeteries. We use all available means of modern communication to convey new information. Signs are posted in each cemetery and brochures placed in the buildings and offices of our Cemeteries.