Rules and Regulations

These selected regulations are the ones we get asked about the most often. They are included for your general information. For more detailed regulations or to learn about our guidelines, please call our office or consult the ECC Complete Rules and Regulations.

Flowers and Decorations

No planting of any kind may be done on graves. Decorating with fresh cut and artificial flowers is appropriate and welcomed. Decorations must be placed within vases approved by the cemetery management and installed by cemetery personnel.

Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries can not accept permit applications from families. Permit applications must be submitted by the supplier of the memorial.

For ground burials the vase is a retractable permanent metal vase that is part of the marker or installed separately in front of the memorial or in the case of an upright monument the vase is attached to the monument vase.

While we encourage fresh flowers if possible be used in the summer, artificial flowers can be left in an approved vase for the spring and summer months, but must be removed by October 1. Artificial flowers not removed by October 1 will be disposed of by cemetery staff so that the vase can be inverted for the winter months as designed. Artificial wreaths, crosses and decorations are permitted from October 1 to March 31 to help you find the grave during winter months. These must be removed by March 31.

At the time of burial, floral tributes will be left on the grave until they are wilted, or in the case of artificial flowers for about a week. Flowers or arrangements will be removed by the cemetery staff to prepare or sod the grave. After sodding all flowers must be in the approved vases, not set out on the grass.

One week after major holidays all seasonal decorations should be removed. Each week during the mowing season, cemetery personnel will remove unsightly (wilted flower) decorations and all decorations not in the approved vases, to properly attend to the cleaning and maintenance required through the cemetery and mausoleum.

No memorials may be set or borders added, except by the Cemetery personnel in accordance with the cemetery regulations. Improperly or unapproved memorials will be removed.

Cemeteries are unlocked and when cemetery employees are not present, there have been occasions when flowers and decorations have been stolen. The cemetery cannot assume any liability for decoration or memorabilia placed at burial sites.

The rules and regulations of the Archdiocese of Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries are uniformly enforced. All consideration will be given to family requests and needs but employees working in the cemeteries who happen upon decorations or flowers in violation of the rules, for the safety all and the beauty of the facilities will remove the offending items.

Markers and Monuments

Markers must be of bronze or granite. The size, type and kind must be appropriate to the cemetery/section/marker restrictions. Marker size, print, design and type must be approved by the ECC office prior to manufacture and installation.

No marker may be removed, installed, added to or changed without notification and permission from ECC.

Charges for foundations/installations/settings are established by ECC and must be paid prior to installation. If any burial charges are outstanding. they must be paid prior to any approval of application for installation.

Borders around markers of any material or kind other than granite or concrete are not allowed and will be removed by Cemetery Staff. Granite and concrete borders are subject to size restrictions and intended future use of the space(s).

Markers may be removed if unpaid, incorrect, broken or damaged.

Owner(s) of the space has the sole right to order a marker. If someone other than the legal owner is buying the marker, the owner must have given permission in writing to ECC for the purchase of the marker.

If a second burial is permitted on an existing grave, a second marker may be installed. The second marker must be flat and not larger than the first marker.

Memorial applications will be accepted for pre-need markers to allow manufacture of the stone. Delivery and installation of the marker will not be accepted until time of need.

No fixture of any type, such as pictures or ornaments may be attached or affixed in any manner whatsoever to any part of an upright memorial without checking with the ECC office.

We encourage families to order their loved ones’ marker over the winter season, so that they are ready to be installed in early spring.